Available Kingsnakes

Updated 11-19-17

San Luis Potosi "Mexmex"



Split Saddle Speckled X Dark phase Female3 $

Split Saddle Speckled X Dark phase Male3 $

Split Saddled Speckled X Dark phase Female4 $250* SOLD


Amealco Ruthveni




0.1 2016 yearling from my Lemon/Lime Yellow Albino X Albino Stripe pairing

she a 50/50 chance of  developing the Lemon/Lime Yellow, and is 100% het. Stripe




16' Yearling Female 100% double het. Albino & Stripe

sale $175  

2 Very nice yearling males from our 2016 Albino Stripe X 2x Het. Albino/Stripe pairing

These 2 Albinos that are at least 100% het. Stripe, or aberrant/partial stripe depending on how you prefer to say it.

$150 each

Male #6 $150






 "V" Banded Greybanded Kingsnakes

Top L: Male 4 Live & F/T $175       Top C: Female 1 Live SOLD      Top R: Male 2 Live $150

Thayeri "Variable" kingsnakes

Vivid x Vermilya Reduced Black White Line Thayeri (produces white/yellow/green)
$200 each

Top Left: SOLD             Top Center: 22-2Male F/T      Top Right: SOLD
Bottom Left: 52-2Female F/T    Bottom Center: 2-3Female F/T    

Top Left:    Sold         Top Center: 22-3Female *Live   Top Right: 52-4Female SOLD
Bottom Left:  Sold      Bottom Center: 2-2Male *F/T scented

 Melanistic (Black) $200 SOLD OUT

Screaming Yellow Speckled Kingsnakes


Large 2016 Albino Peach Pastel Thayeri Male