2018 Pairings


San Luis Potosi "Mexmex" Kingsnakes 

Combinations of Dark & Black phase as well as pattern morphs such as Tiger line and Split Saddled Speckled

Ruthveni Kingsnakes

Combinations of Normal, Striped, Super Striped, Albino, Albino Stripe, Albino Super Stripe

Thayeri Leonis "Variable" Kingsnakes

Melanistic "Black" phase


Greyband Kingsnakes

Blairs phase "V" banded morph

Pueblan Milksnakes

Combinations of 

Oreo, Halloween, and Super Halloween lines


Western Hognose

Combinations of Albino Red & Purple colors

and Twinspotted, Tiger, Banded, Painted Stripe,  & Anaconda patterns

Screaming Yellow Speckled Kingsnakes

Green Tree Pythons